The difference between e-cigarettes and hookahs

Have you ever spent time in a crowded hookah lounge and wondered how exactly it compares to electronic cigarettes? Although both activities are very popular, there are several fundamental differences. Here's a closer look at the origins of hookah and e-cigarettes and how they compare to each other today.

The history of E-cigarettes and hookahs

The Ancient Egyptians were the first to invent vaping in the 5th century BC. According to historians, they used steam to purify and heal their bodies and for religious practices. The modern e-cigarette was invented in the 20th century. The hookah was first developed about 2,000 years ago in Afghanistan. People loved it because it gave them a convenient way to smoke flavoured tobacco. Eventually, the concept of the hookah and vaping spread around the world.

How are hookahs and electronic cigarettes different?

Now that you know how the two methods came about, we will discuss some of the fundamental differences between vaporizing and hookahs:. 1) They use different methods to create steam One of the main differences between hookahs and e-cigarettes is the way they create steam. Hookahs use a water pipe and hot coals to produce steam. After lighting the coals, the tobacco and other flavors will begin to heat up and create steam, which will then pass through the rubber hose and enter your mouth through the mouthpiece. Meanwhile, e-cigarettes (also known as electronic nicotine dispensing systems) use batteries to warm the e-liquid before you can inhale it. 2) They use different ingredients Hookahs and e-cigarettes also use different ingredients. Hookahs use shisha tobacco and flavors that may include honey and glycerin. On the other hand, e-cigarettes use e-liquid which contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and several food grade flavor concentrates as ingredients. 3) You can control the amount of nicotine you inhale each time you pass out. Every time you buy electronic juice for your electronic cigarette, you have the opportunity to decide how much nicotine you would like to consume. E-liquid comes in a variety of nicotine levels, so you can choose the strength you want it to be. You can also buy e-liquid with different levels of vegetable glycerin. You may not be able to control the amount of nicotine you inhale when using a hookah in a living room. 4) E-cigarettes are easier to use than hookahs Many people believe that it is much easier to brag about using an e-cigarette than to use your own hookah. When you use an e-cigarette, all you have to do is connect the battery to the e-liquid and start blowing to make it work. Once the e-liquid is sufficiently heated, it releases the steam in your mouth. If you have a manual device, you will have to press a button to activate the battery and heat the coils, but that's it! You may also be able to adjust the heat according to the e-cigarette device you have. On the other hand, the hookah has more components than an e-cigarette, which means more things can go wrong. If the coals get too hot, they can burn the flavored tobacco and you will get a sharp blow. It is always best to try to avoid jerking as much as possible, as it can burn your throat. You must also be careful not to let the coals go out and lose their heat every time you smoke hookahs.

How are hookahs and e-cigarettes similar?

Although they both have several fundamental differences, hookahs and vaping also have several things in common. For example, both methods turn tobacco into steam so that you can safely inhale it. Here are some other ways they are similar: 1) You will need to fill up on ingredients It doesn't matter if you prefer to make hookahs or use an electronic cigarette, you will need to buy ingredients and tools for both. An e-cigarette will need a new electronic juice every time you run out and occasionally batteries and reservoirs. While hookah owners will need to stock up on extra charcoal to heat the tobacco and the garden hose. 2) You can choose from a variety of appliances Another similarity is that there are hundreds of hookahs, e-cigarettes and vaporization devices available on the market. You can choose those that come in different colors and even models with different tanks, reels and other parts. Some e-cigarettes may look like a USB flash drive, while others may look like a pen. You can buy a traditional hookah or decide to buy a hookah pen. 3) Both are excellent alternatives to cigarettes. If you are trying to quit smoking, both are excellent ways to enjoy nicotine without the harmful side effects of smoking cigarettes. 4) You can enjoy a wide range of flavors Finally, they look alike because you can enjoy a wide range of unique flavors and nicotine every time you decide to skip or take a hookah break. Delicious flavours such as strawberry, mint, cookies, chocolate, berries and more are available for purchase.

In conclusion

And that's it! We hope we've been able to clear up any confusion you may have had about the difference between smoking hookahs and e-cigarettes. The two are closely related, so it's not uncommon for people who like to do the hooch to also enjoy visiting a hookah parlor from time to time. Both offer the ideal opportunity to relax and bond with your loved ones during your free time.
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