Residue of e-liquid in the tank, what to do?

Even if you're constantly going, you know that cleaning your tanks, coils and batteries is what makes e-liquid taste its best. A clean success has to come from a clean appliance and if you want to get all the delicious harmonics and undertones of your favorite vault flavors, then there is nothing like a clean tank and a fresh or dedicated aroma coil. You know that you should empty and wipe your tank at the end of each day (or week) to ensure that the e-liquid is fresh and that there is no residue that will age over time. Most of us know that it's best not to refill an old tank over and over again (although we do it anyway). And many of us have discovered the horrible result of leaving a full tank of e-liquid on your desk or (worse) in your car for a few weeks until it turns a creepy cola color. But this leaves a major dilemma for the tedious vaporizers: What do you do when you're done vaporizing and there's still some liquid left in the tank? Should you throw it away? Should you try to save it for tomorrow? Is it safe to leave it and refill it in the morning? For some people, it's not a big deal and they just empty or vault it as they see fit. For others, that last little bit of tasty e-liquid is so exasperating that it will keep you awake at night. Fear not! Today, we're here to share our pro vaper tricks for dealing with the e-liquid at the bottom of your tank.

Can you evaluate it?

As fans of e-liquid, we'd like to say: "Live it!" Vaping a little more e-liquid shouldn't be a problem for veteran vaporizers. A few huge, delicious lungs should be enough to get the last fraction of an inch of liquid from the bottom of the tank. And if your tank can make a low vault, that's great! Vaporize it! Vape everything before cleaning the tank. But if you start to hear a gurgling sound.

The dreaded gurgling sound

If you start to hear a gurgling sound when you try to boast about those last tasty drops, stop. Yeah, we know. Normally, you'd never tell someone to stop jumping, but it's about your wicks. Many vault coils are designed to soak from an intake near the bottom of the tank. But unless the intake is at the bottom of the tank, at some point you're going to have too little juice to soak the wicks. And if the wicks can't absorb the new liquid, arching them dries them out. And if the wicks are dry, heating the element can cause them to burn. That's why we so often end up with this tiny, exasperating amount of electronic liquid remaining on the ocean floor. Because the canopy coil simply can't handle pulling that last little bit out of the tank. In the end, if you hear that gurgling sound, the following solutions have been handmade just for you.

To pour or not to pour?

The first question is whether or not to pour the e-liquid. It's probably still good. You would do it if you could, so naturally, you would do it tomorrow after cleaning the tank, wouldn't you? There are several ways to manage the e-liquid economy when your coil cannot handle the finishing of a tank. You can keep it in its original bottle, mix it in a cocktail, or simply set it aside until you are ready to start a new tank.

Put it back in its original bottle

One option that the vaporizers can't really agree on is to put the rest of the tank back in the original flavor bottle. If you believe in maintaining the sanctity of each individual flavor, then this can be a pretty attractive choice. After all, you are already keeping fresh e-liquid in the bottle with gently used e-liquid that was very recently in the bottle. Putting e-liquid back in its original bottle is also easier than you think. And no, you don't need a syringe to do it. The unicorn spikes on e-liquid bottles can be removed, usually by twisting or pulling to release them. This then leaves a slightly larger opening where you can pour the spare e-liquid from your reservoir. As long as the liquid in your tank is really fresh. Of course, some vaporizers think the canopy is "contaminated" once it touches the tank or once you start to inflate, it may not be your jam. If not, move on to the second option.

Make a bottle of 'Suicide' mix

Do you remember when you were a kid making 'suicide' cocktails at the soda fountain with every drink in the row? We do too. And most of the time it didn't taste that bad. In fact, if you're good at mixing soda fountains, you can find some really delicious concoctions that no one else drank. E-savings can turn into something like that. In fact, some vaporizers have a variety of "cocktail" bottles separated by flavor type, allowing them to save the last of each tank. One bottle each for mint, tobacco, fruit flavors, dessert flavors and acidic flavors. Whether you choose to mix all your flavors or design special blends to try, cocktail flavors are a great way to save the last drop of e-liquid in a tank and get the most out of every flavor you try.

Create a tank-saving container

Or you can keep this e-liquid active, but not aging in the tank. If you want to top up with the same or the next flavor, just keep the rest of your tank in a separate container. A small bottle of e-liquid can hold the small amount of liquid you want to save before cleaning your tank overnight. Then, when you're ready to start playing the violin again with a clean reservoir, you can start over where you left off without wasting a drop. An economical tank container is the perfect moving solution for that leftover from the vaulted tank that your coils can't reach. You can roll your e-liquid tanks together like many vaporizers prefer to do while having the freedom to clean your tank without waste. —. The loss of a good e-liquid is always a tragedy, and keeping your tank clean shouldn't come at a cost. If you're looking for a way to stop throwing away a milliliter of perfectly good vinegar juice every time you clean your tank, try one of these tips and let us know how it goes!
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