Mix your e-liquid yourself in 3 steps with the liquid mixer

Liquids are particularly valued for their ability to blend flavors and provide the best individual taste experience. Often the base and the different flavors are mixed manually, which does not always result in the same familiar taste. With our liquid blender, you can expect the ideal alternative to hand blending. In just three steps, you can mix your liquid yourself and enjoy your e-cigarettes with your favorite flavor throughout the process.

Create the perfect flavor with our liquid blender

In most cases, the mixing of the liquid itself is manual. Making your own liquids in this way is not simple. On the one hand, the basic and preferred flavorings have to be purchased individually from the outset, which entails costs. On the other hand, mixing by hand is associated with certain risks during handling. For example, an expensive liquid can be lost with the wrong handle during filling and dosing. In addition, in complex mixtures with multiple flavors, it is not always possible to mix accurately, so the taste result may differ from personal preferences. Until now, there was no alternative to mixing the liquid yourself. With only a few entries, you can choose the different components of your ideal liquid when you buy it on the website and it will be sent to you quickly. After registering in the store, you can of course, as a customer, later recall the liquids you mixed yourself and enjoy them again. It's not much easier to mix the liquid yourself for a personalized taste experience. Discover the three steps that will guide you through the process of ordering your individual liquid :

Step 1: Choose the base of your individual liquid

First, you determine the base of your liquid mixture. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a mixture of 50% propylene glycol (PG) and 50% vegetable glycerin (VG), or a mixture of 80% VG and 20% water. Beginners should test which of the two basic principles of the liquid is best for them. Liquids with a higher VG content are considered more flavourful, which is an advantage when combining different powerful flavours. The higher VG content creates a denser vapor, which is very appealing when switching from a conventional cigarette to an e-liquid. It is important to know your own preferences and take them into account when mixing the liquid in the future.

Step 2: Determine the nicotine content of your blend

In a second step, a start is possible from 0.0 mg per milliliter, if you are the only one interested in the aromatic experience. In steps of 3.0 mg per milliliter, you can increase the nicotine content up to a limit of 18.0 mg per milliliter. As for the base: orient yourself to the previous nicotine consumption of your cigarettes or try out different variants using the Liquid Blender. Of course, you can also process your stored liquids over time and slowly reduce the nicotine content if you wish.

Step 3: Add flavors to your own taste

In the third and last step, you select the core of your personal e-liquids with the aromas. To make the mixing of the liquid itself online quick and clear, the flavors are all divided into categories and flavors. In principle, you can mix several portions of the same flavor in one liquid. The upper limit for the number of liquids is five. This makes sense from a taste point of view so that you can continue to taste the individual portions. Usually two or three flavors are already sufficient for a single exciting liquid. The great advantage of the liquid blender is the flexibility in selecting and combining flavors. You probably wouldn't buy many individual flavors for a simple test, to experiment and carefully test a new flavor. Instead, by mixing the liquid yourself using the liquid blender, you have the freedom to test many flavors over time and slowly but surely arrive at individual highlights. Enjoy our colourful variety and let yourself be inspired again by someone else's aroma.

Mix the liquid yourself: it's easy and can be ordered online at a reasonable price

Once you have followed the three steps of the online ordering process and created your own liquid, you can give the mixture its own name as a registered customer. This makes it easy to recall it later and order the ideal e-liquids again and again. Simply try the liquid blender yourself to build up a small collection of liquids and buy them at an attractive price online.
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