Nicotine salts, more and more appreciated by vapers to put an end to tobacco

Nowadays, there are several solutions to get away from traditional cigarettes and quit smoking. Among these are nicotine salts. Its notoriety with vaporisers is at its best. But what should be understood by nicotine salt? How does it work? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

What is nicotine salt?

Nicotine salts are simply a distinct type of nicotine extracted from a tobacco leaf. Compared to traditional nicotine, which is used by every vaporizer, it is a more complex chemical mixture and contains, in addition to the substance itself, other organic components. This leads to the formation of a stable molecule with a low level of acidity, which is easier to absorb by the body and penetrates more quickly into the bloodstream. The acid balance also has a direct effect on important parameters such as nicotine concentration and effects on the throat - by using "free" nicotine, the resulting aerosol includes much more of it and inhaling such a mixture will not be too strong and pleasant. In addition, because of its smoothness, the amount of nicotine salts in the liquid of the electronic cigarette sometimes reaches considerable values like that of a nicotine salt booster. The name derives from the alkaloids that make up the product.

How do the nicotine salts act in the liquids of electronic cigarettes?

The form of nicotine commonly found in e-liquids is called pure or free nicotine (nicotine base or freebase). It is difficult for the body to absorb. The phenomenon of nicotine saturation is much more complex than for a conventional cigarette. But it is more volatile, so it takes a considerable amount to obtain the same level required by smokers. A hit that is too strong becomes unpleasant. With nicotine salt, the exact opposite happens. And if the former is an oily liquid, the latter - is formed from a solid substance. They are dissolved in water or propylene glycol. Manufacturers offering electronic cigarette liquids based on nicotine salt claim that "salt" is better and more easily absorbed by the body than pure nicotine. But in the tobacco industry, the conclusions were the opposite. They see it as just a way to sell more products. But many experiments have shown that nicotine salts work better than its purified counterpart. Because of its high pH (acid-alkaline balance), the nicotine salt in the eliquid uses benzoic acid to trigger a chemical reaction. Higher pH levels result in more nicotine in the smoke or vapours, but also make the mixture more difficult to inhale. Therefore, lowering the pH level intensifies the concentration of nicotine-containing liquids in electronic cigarettes. The content can vary from vial to vial - 40 mg/ml, 60 mg/ml and even 100 mg/ml. The tingling sensation in the throat (hit) depends on these values. As the numbers increase, the hit becomes more and more powerful. Generally speaking, two or three puffs are enough to "smoke". This is why many companies have focused on cartridge systems, which are ideal for beginners who are switching from regular cigarettes to steam.

The benefits of nicotine salt

Nicotine salts are ingested by the body much faster - the rate of absorption is almost identical to that of analog cigarettes. You can use juices richer in nicotine. The substances also have a longer shelf life. They are more stable, so they expire much more slowly. You don't need a device with outstanding performance. All you need is a low-powered stealth accessory to spray nicotine saline fluids at the rate of "smoking". Another advantage is its range, because fewer puffs mean less fluid and less battery consumption. For heavy smokers who find it difficult to quit, the development of this product presents itself as a real opportunity to satisfy their cravings without putting themselves in danger. Indeed, thanks to its high concentration of nicotine, it allows them to satisfy their daily needs more quickly.

Characteristics and warnings of liquid nicotine salt

It is difficult to make nicotine salts, so you have to pay enough attention to the quality of the liquid you buy. They must promote good delivery of the substance into the body. Thanks to their lower vapour production, they do not cause any discomfort for the neighbors. In addition, as with E-salt eliquid france, you will find fruity and exotic aromas such as icy mint. However, they are rare, as this is not the priority of the manufacturers. With E-cigarette liquids based on nicotine salts, you have to be more careful. The substances can only be handled with appropriate devices that vaporize liquids at a temperature not exceeding 200°C. This is a key factor in preventing the release of materials that are harmful and carcinogenic to the body during the spraying process. Under no circumstances may you use e-liquids with nicotine salts on powerful devices. They are designed for modern cartridge systems and special high-resistance vaporizers. These articles cannot also be used by people who are allergic to benzoic acid (it is a food preservative), as it is an unavoidable component of nicotine salts. Nicotine salts can counteract the effects of alkaloid withdrawal, but they are not indicated to combat addiction and help stop smoking. For lovers of nicotine salts, advice on products and devices for its consumption can be found on websites.

To conclude

The popularity of nicotine salts stems from these different specificities. It is an artificially synthesized variety of ordinary nicotine. The acidity is similar to the pH of the human body. It is obtained by mixing free nicotine with a certain amount of acids. The resulting nicotine salts are pure and highly digestible to the body, which accelerates nicotine saturation. So you will have understood, the nicotine salts are intended first of all for heavy smokers. Although they are similar to natural nicotine, they are less harmful. But they are not completely safe. Some researchers believe that they can also be addictive. Ultimately, although it is first presented as salt, nicotine affects the body in the same way, so there is no real difference in terms of risk. In addition, the addition of benzoic acid to the nicotine salt is safe for humans to an acceptable degree. Like any other substance, salted nicotine has both positive and negative characteristics. Before trying it, it is necessary to consider all the characteristics and assess the impact on the human body. Excess in the body can increase blood pressure, cause headaches, shortness of breath and nausea. This effect occurs if you use liquids containing nicotine salt in inappropriate devices. Otherwise, at low consumption, it offers rapid saturation. Users do not also have this irritating sensation in the throat. In addition, no impurities affect the taste of the product. But when using a product for medical purposes, it is important to consult a specialist's opinion.
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