How to properly program your electronic cigarette?

As there are always questions, we decided to work on this subject in a blog post. It must be said at the outset that it is not absolutely necessary to work with variable numbers of volts or even different evaporation resistances. One can also do very good steam experiments without understanding the science behind it... But there are also people who simply want to know more to get the perfect steam result. If you are one of them, this job is for you.

What is the ohm?

Ohm is a unit of measurement for resistance. In other words, the lower the resistance of the evaporator, the more electricity flows through it. If you increase the resistance, less current will flow through it. If you use a vaporizer with a lower resistance and more current flows through it, the following will occur:
  • Greater heat development at the winding.
  • More steam is produced.
  • The taste may become more intense. (Tastes behave differently with different resistances).
  • The steam heats up.
Depending on your taste, the above points are all positive. Here are the negative aspects:
  • The battery will discharge faster.
  • The battery life can be reduced.
  • The electronic liquid is consumed faster.
  • The life of the evaporator can be shortened (very low ohmic resistance evaporators could be used.B. lasts only 2-3 days).
  • It is more likely that the result will be ineffective.
Therefore, if you use a high-resistance vaporizer, the opposite will happen:
  • Lower current flows.
  • The vaporizer will not be as hot.
  • There is less steam.
  • The steam is cooler.
  • The taste will probably be less intense.
However, the positive effects are:
  • The battery will last longer.
  • You consume less e-Liquid.
  • The likelihood of getting a sharp bang decreases considerably.

With what resistance should the evaporator be used?

There is no "correct" answer to this question. It all depends on how you like the steam and the feeling in your throat, or the number of volts with which the resistance is combined. Different liquids react differently and the resistance used has a huge influence on the taste. This area undoubtedly offers room for experimentation.

Explanation of the varying numbers of volts in the e-cigarette

Steam production, taste and throat feeling are not only influenced by resistance, however. It also depends on the power flowing through the vaporizer. As we have already seen, you can get a more intense steam experience by reducing the resistance. It is also possible to achieve the same result by increasing the number of volts flowing through the e-cigarette. It sounds a little complicated, but it is usually enough to press an up or down arrow or turn a wheel. But if you want more steam? No problem! You simply combine a very low resistance with a high number of volts. But beware, this poses a few problems: it is much more likely that the battery will explode, that you will receive a jolt and that the life of the vaporizer will be considerably reduced.

Variable volt devices versus variable watt devices.

Basically, the difference between variable volt or variable watt devices is the same as the difference between a car with a gear shift or automatic transmission. A variable-volt device allows you to regulate the amount of current (volts) flowing through it. The amount of energy that is produced at the end depends on how the resistance of the vaporizer interacts with the power flowing through it. For a variable watt device, it is not a matter of how much power must pass through the vaporizer, but rather how much power (watts) must come out at the end. The device with the variable wattage will then automatically adjust the voltage (volts) passing through the vaporizer to generate the desired output power (watts). In other words, the number of watts tells you the power generated by the e-cigarette, and the number of volts tells you the amount of voltage that is pushed through the device. Thus, if you increase the watts, the number of volts increases at the same time and vice versa. The number of volts is not the only factor that affects power. The resistance of the winding or wire also plays a role. Low-resistance windings produce more taste, steam and heat at lower voltages than high-resistance windings because they require more watts. For example, if you have an 8 Ohm winding with 3.7 Volts, you get a power of 7.3 Watts, which is a reasonable result for steam. Otherwise, if you use a winding with a higher resistance of 2.8 Ohm, you get a power of 7.3 Watts. There is a decrease in taste, steam production and heat development because the power is lower (about 4.4 Watts). To obtain the same result of steam, the number of volts must be increased significantly.

What does mAh mean for electronic cigarette batteries?

On e-cigarette batteries, the description often reads mAh. mAh is important because it indicates the lifetime of a battery. To return to the analogy with the car: If Volt was gasoline, mAh would indicate the size of the gas tank. The larger the tank, the longer the car can run without refueling. mAh means milliamps per hour.

What is sub ohm steam?

We have seen that reducing resistance and increasing voltage leads to more vapor clouds. Sub ohm vaporization is the extreme variant, where the resistance of the vapor is less than 1 ohm. While it produces huge amounts of steam, it is also a strain on the batteries and the winding of the vaporizer. Vaporization under ohm is mainly done with mechanical modulators that do not have an electronic fuse and can considerably increase the risk of battery explosion. Vaporization under ohm should really only be attempted by experienced vapers that also have a self-coiling vaporizer such as a wrap-around vaporizer.B. Compvape 13 Heavens 9 Hells RDA cigarettes have. One milliampere hour (mAh) is one thousandth of an ampere hour (Ah). Both are used to measure battery capacity. A higher mAh value means a higher capacity. mAh only indicates capacity and should not be confused with current.

Ampere, Volt and Watt

Ampere is a unit of current measurement. One ampere is defined as 6.24151-1018 (about 6 trillion - 1 coulomb) electrons per second passing at a certain point in an electrical circuit. As for the volt, it is a unit of measurement of electrical voltage and represents the amount of energy between two points in an electrical circuit. One point will be more expensive than the other. This difference is then called Volt. As for the Watt, it is a unit of measurement of the amount of electricity consumed by an electrical device (power) in a certain period of time. We hope this post has shed some light on the mystery of volts, watts and ohms and we would appreciate a comment from you.
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