Electronic Cigarette: step by step – How to fill your tank with E-Liquid

You don't have to be a new vaper to be completely puzzled by a tank of ecig. To be frank, ecig tanks come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Some open from the top, others from the bottom, and some are oddly unique to their design. None of them are like the cartridges that many vaporizers use in the beginning. But when you're working with a refillable tank and it's time for more volume, nothing is more frustrating than not knowing how. Not to mention the fact that mishandling could result in your coil drowning or leaking all over your hands. In times of stress and puzzle solving, it can be helpful to examine the process in its most basic state. Here is a practical step-by-step guide on how to recharge all but the most exclusive tanks.

Precautionary Step: Remove the tank from the battery

For safety reasons, always remember to remove the paste reservoir before doing anything else with the machine.

Preparation: Getting to know your Vape tank

The first thing to do is to investigate the vaporizing device to find out more about it. It's easier to refill any tank when you know how it opens and how it's intended to be refilled. Take a close look at the tank and examine the parts. Does your vault tank fill from the top or the bottom? Top-fill tanks are loaded - you guessed it - by removing a top part to fill the tank. Often you can say that this is a top cap because between the drip and the tank there is a plastic ring layer with an oval opening, it is at this oval that the tank must be placed to be filled. Bottom fill tanks are becoming more and more common and will have to be turned over to be loaded. Does the top of your vault tank open? If your tank is filled from the top, the drip cap can be designed to open with a simple thumb or latch opening, allowing you to fill it quickly and easily when you know what you are doing. Take a quick look to see if this exists on your cigarette modelThe oval opening should be just below if you're successful. Are you working with a new reel? Finally, determine if you are working with a new dry coil. If you've just emptied a tank, the answer is obviously "no". If you are filling a brand new tank or have just installed a new coil, an additional step will be required.

Step 1: Open the tank

The first step is to open your tank and get ready to fill it. Open the refill hatch If there is a filler latch on the top of your ecig, between the tank and the drip cap, open it now. Use force if there is a button, but don't open it too hard. Usually they will pivot a certain distance and then stop. Unscrew the cover If there is no access hatch, your electronic cigarette can be designed to fill with the top removed. Turn the tip of the pen drip until you find the place where you can load the reservoir. Look for the plastic ring with the oval opening. Remove the bottom If your ecig is a bottom fill platform, you will have to turn the entire head of the tank upside down. Then remove the coil and the bottom of the platform until you can access the open, waiting tank.

Step 2: Pour in the old E-Liquid

If there is still e-liquid from a previous tank (especially if it is old), be sure to pour it in before filling it with fresh liquid or a new flavor. If the rest is fresh and you want to mix the flavors, however, the dump-out is not necessary.

Step 3: Flavorant power-down procedure (optional)

If you change one flavor for another and do not want to mix, follow these steps. Replacing coils or cleaning up old e-liquids should also do the trick. Clean the tank Start by disassembling the tank into its basic parts. Wipe the tank and the connecting parts with water and a little soap. Then rinse and dry thoroughly. Install a new coil Don't use an old wick for a new flavor. If you want several flavors, remember to keep a wick assigned to each one. When changing flavors or discarding a tank of old liquid, always replace the coil/wick as well. This ensures that you are always vaporizing with a coil soaked only in your current flavor. Run the wick Before continuing the filling steps of the reservoir, pour one or two drops of your e-liquid flavor on the wick to moisten it and impregnate it with the liquid. Then reassemble the reservoir and get ready to continue.

Step 4: Tighten your 'Cup'.

Before pouring any e-liquid into the tank, you must ensure that it will not leak out through the fittings and run down your hand. Therefore, be sure to tighten all connections under the opening of your tank. If yours is a bottom fill, this means tightening the top fittings that are currently turned upside down.

Step 5: Pouring in the new E-Liquid

Now that the tank is clean and tight, prepare to pour. Aim for the Glass Point the tip of your unicorn bottle directly into the tank and aim at the glass. The oval opening in the upper filler strips is designed to direct the tip of your unicorn to the right place. But even without it, all you have to do is try to get the liquid to flow down the side of the glassBe careful not to overfill your vault. Many tanks have filling lines. If not, stop before the tank is 3/4 full. Do not hit the coil Do not point the tip of the unicorn inward and do not drip electronic fluid on the coil. This may drown the coil, damaging it and reducing the quality of your clouds.

Step 6: Close the tank

Finally, turn off your tank and make sure it is ready for use. Close the hatch If there is a filler latch, close and secure it so that it does not open again when you least expect it. Screw on top For all other top filling valves, simply screw the top piece back on and tighten it carefully to prevent it from leaking in the future. Replace bottom and coil And if you have a bottom fill, reattach the bottom. Put the coil back in place, tighten everything and turn the entire tank upside down.

Step 7: Vape!

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