E-liquids for electronic cigarettes: what you need to know

The liquid with which the electronic cigarette is filled is called e-juice or e-liquid. This liquid is heated and turns into a vapor with the flavor you prefer, and is safe to inhale and exhale. If you are new to the field of vapour, or if you just want to know more about electronic cigarette liquids, these details will be helpful.

Three basic ingredients

All electronic cigarette liquids contain three basic ingredients. A dilution medium, a taste and nicotine. Always get exactly the right amount of nicotine to boost your satisfaction. The e-liquid you use will give you the amount of nicotine your body needs every time. The special feature of this product is that all liquids are available from the manufacturer in a wide range of nicotine dosages. Whether you need a lot of nicotine or just a little, you can buy your e-liquid in exactly the concentration that suits you. When you have reached the point where you no longer need nicotine, there are also e-liquids with flavors but without nicotine. Although nicotine is also present in regular cigarettes and is the reason why people continue to smoke, it is not the substance that causes damage to the body. What's more, the thousands of toxins contained in regular cigarettes and the smoke produced when tobacco burns are responsible for the diseases that can be caused by smoking. Here is a list of the different dosages of nicotine that are available for purchase. When you buy eliquids, you need to think carefully about what dosage is right for you until you no longer need it. No nicotine = 0 mg of nicotine Very low dose = 6 mg of nicotine Low dose = 9 mg of nicotine Average dose = 12 mg of nicotine High dose = 18 mg of nicotine Extra-high dose = 24 mg of nicotine

The basic dilution substances that your e-liquid lets evaporate perfectly

The liquids you can buy contain what is called a diluent or base. These are necessary substances so that the e-liquid quickly turns into a delicious vapor that you can enjoy. The most commonly used base substances for the production of liquids are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Propylene glycol is also often abbreviated to PG. As it is non-toxic, it does not harm your body or the environment. Many cosmetic products, medications and even some foods contain propylene glycol. For those looking for more natural ingredients, vegetable glycerin (VG) is the best alternative because it is derived from plants like mint. It is viscous, soft and just as non-toxic and totally safe. Like PG, VG is present in many products we use daily. The best example is toothpaste.

The flavors that make e-Liquids delicious

In addition to the ingredients listed above, e-Liquids also contain flavors that make VG tasty. Because of the many flavors in which liquids are available, you can always try new choices, so you will never be bored with the same taste. The delicious taste of e-Liquids also makes it much easier to get away from the classic cigarettes with their strong smell and taste. Whether you're looking for a tobacco taste or something more unique or exotic, your e-Liquides manufacturer has a fairly diverse range in stock. E-Liquids really do exist in countless flavors and aromas and it is even possible to mix the different liquids. This way you can create your favourite taste yourself. Here are a few examples of the liquid tastes you can buy: Fruity liquids: Pineapple, Apple, Apricot, Banana, Pear, Blackberry, Strawberry, Exotic, Pomegranate, Green Fruit, Hazelnut, Blueberry, Red fruit mix. Liquids with the taste of drinks : Brandy, Ice tea, Pina colada, Moca, Cocoa, Coffee, Energy, Cola, Cappuccino, Whisky, Jamaican Rum. Special liquids: Eggnog, mulled wine, caramel, liquorice, cinnamon, cotton candy. Sweet liquids: Aniseed, banana milk, coconut cream, honey, caramel, liquorice, marzipan, vanilla, hazelnut, pancakes, praline, cream candy, cream.

E-the liquids are safe, taste great and can be mixed by yourself

According to the opinions, the advantage of the vape is that the liquids are safe and tasty at the same time and can even be mixed by yourself. With the right manufacturers, you can not only enjoy a wide range of e6liquids in ready-to-use bottles, but also order all ingredients separately and make some DIY. With base materials for liquids that already contain nicotine in different concentrations and flavors, everyone can mix their own e6liquids according to their personal taste. To find the best price when you buy, don't hesitate to use a comparator. Sometimes, it can also be wise to look for a promotional stock that will allow you to make a purchase at a more profitable price.
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