E-cigarette: how to choose your e-liquid?

The liquid with which the electronic cigarette is filled is called e-liquid. This liquid is heated and turns into vapor, whatever the flavor chosen. It is safe to inhale and exhale. Some flavors of e-liquid are available, depending on taste and preference.

E-liquid: dose of nicotine according to needs

By simple definition, the e-liquid is a main substance that will create a kind of steam when using the e-cigarette. There are different flavors when choosing the liquid of the e-cigarette. The e-cigarette has a dilution medium that will give the taste and nicotine rate. The flavor may be a taste of mint or red fruit. It is then necessary to properly determine the level of nicotine present in the e-liquid. It is necessary to know the nicotine rate which will be adapted to the person who smokes the cigarette. For a beginner in electronic cigarettes, you must go slowly, because the taste in the e-liquid has a slightly greedy flavor that encourages you to smoke much more. The particularity of this product is that all liquids are available from the manufacturer in a wide range of nicotine dosages. The French e-liquid offers more advantages because it is made of vegetable glycerin. The electronic cigarettes may have a certain reference as the green vapes with a taste associated with that of blond tobacco. To avoid abuse, it is important to use the nicotine level useful for the body that the smoker needs. There are also e-liquids with nicotine-free flavors.  Here is a list of the different dosages of nicotine that are available for purchase. When choosing the e-liquid, one must think carefully about the appropriate dose. Nicotine free = 0 mg of nicotine Very low dose = 6 mg of nicotine Low dose = 9 mg of nicotine Average dose = 12 mg of nicotine High dose = 18 mg of nicotine Extra-high dose = 24 mg of nicotine

Dilution base substances for perfect evaporation

The e-liquids in electronic cigarettes contain what is called a diluent or base. These are substances necessary for the e-liquid to quickly turn into a delicious vapor that encourages people to smoke. The most commonly used base substances for the production of liquids are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Propylene glycol is also often abbreviated to PG. Because it is non-toxic, it does not harm the body or the environment. For those looking for more natural ingredients, vegetable glycerin (VG) is the best alternative because it is derived from plants as its name implies. It is viscous, soft, non-toxic and totally safe. Like PG, vegetable glycerin is a product used in everyday life. It is, for example, present in toothpaste.

The different flavors in e-Liquids

The e-liquids contain flavors that make the steam tasty. There are several different flavors in the e-liquids used in electronic cigarettes. The delicious taste of the e-Liquids makes it much easier to get away from conventional cigarettes. The sensation of smoking an electronic cigarette is therefore not the same as that of a classic cigarette. The e-Liquids come in many flavors and aromas and it is even possible to mix the different liquids. Everyone can find their favorite taste. Fruity liquids: pineapple, apple, apricot, banana, pear, blackberry, strawberry, exotic, pomegranate, green fruit, hazelnut, blueberry. Liquids that taste like certain drinks: brandy, iced tea, pina colada, mocha, cocoa, coffee, cola, cappuccino, whisky, Jamaican rum. Tobacco liquids: 7 leaf, Burley tobacco, Cuban, Dark Fire, Desert Ship, Mellow Sunset, Old Holborn, Oriental, Royal, Ry4, Vanilla tobacco, Virginia. Specialty Liquids: Colt Arctic, eggnog, Energy Cherry, Fresh Woodruff, mulled wine, caramel, licorice, Magic Purge, my-tide, cinnamon, cotton candy. Sweet liquids: aniseed, banana milk, coconut cream, honey, caramel, licorice, marzipan, vanilla, hazelnut, pancakes, praline, cream candy, cream. There is a range of e-liquid both for the beginner smoker and for the adepts. The best thing about e-liquids is that you can mix the flavors yourself. With the right manufacturers, there are e-liquids that are ready to use, but also ingredients that can be purchased separately. With base materials for liquids that already contain nicotine in different concentrations and flavors, everyone can mix their own e-liquids according to their taste.
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