Closed public places, open public places: where can I spray?

What differentiates vaporization from cigarettes is its content without the tobacco. However, the regulation still stipulates that smoking is prohibited anywhere.

The legislation concerning vaping

By law, vapers are required by law not to smoke in certain public places. Vaping is not permitted in school grounds or in areas designated for minors, as it sets a bad example for minors. Vaping is prohibited by law on public transportation, in workplaces, and in public places. However, smoking is not impeded or prohibited in public places. Owners are free to choose whether or not to prohibit vaping. A decree specifies the principles of legal enforcement regarding the prohibition of vaping. This law provides a ticket and fine for those who vape in a prohibited area. In these prohibited areas for the electronic cigarette, a display must be placed in full view of everyone otherwise there will be sanctions and the rules will be enforced with the acquisition of a fine. For some places, the law of vaping does not apply and it is up to the establishment on its side to impose or not their own law.

Places where vaping is prohibited

Some people are susceptible to electronic cigarette smoke. Some public places have no-smoking signs. The entire school grounds, i.e. high school, university, music halls, sports halls, gymnasiums, are forbidden to vaping. This law also applies to places accessible to young people or children: courtrooms, toilets, laboratories, dormitories, and especially general areas such as the courtyard and grounds. Places where students cannot access such as administration offices, teachers' corridors and professional rooms are also concerned. It is also forbidden to take a e-cig in the hospital except in certain areas such as the courtyard. However, it is often prohibited and you should always ask a supervisor before taking it. The hospital is also a place reserved for patients of all kinds and this may disturb their health. Vaping on public transportation such as the bus, the subway is also forbidden, but you can vape on the top of a convertible bus and at the bus stop. Concerning the work area, the law also prohibits vaping in workplaces, as it is considered a public place. This mainly concerns work platforms, meeting rooms, offices and factories. Personal offices are sometimes exceptions for some people, it is not forbidden. Some places may have specialized rooms for vaping.

Displays to prohibit vaping

A decree coming from the State obligatorily gives a marking in the event of expiry of the methods of application at the level of the places where vaping is prohibited, thus without prohibition, one can vape. If an establishment gives access to vaping, that's another matter. Contrary to conventional cigarettes, it only depends on the owner. The state has made a request regarding the rules for the usefulness of the electronic cigarette. In other words, without prohibition signs, the consumption of an electronic cigarette is totally allowed. For companies, apart from compliance with the technical rules, placing a place at the disposal of e-clope consumers and its principles of implementation is subject to technical detections and examinations. In general, the places for cigarette smokers are the same as for vapers. However, the latter are not comfortable to vape with the smokers and breathe the tobacco smoke. This is clearly understandable, since the basic reason for leaning towards e-cigarettes is to stop using the traditional ones.

Penalties for vaping in forbidden places

Vapers that do not follow the rules risk paying a lump-sum fine that is minimal compared to that of smokers. Sanctions on disciplines will also be highlighted. Smoking and vaping are the same for both establishments. Each vaper must respect the legislation so as not to damage public health. Indeed, each establishment must take all the steps to ensure the protection and safety of its members. This dictates their utilitarian protection. For the companies, the labor inspectorate carries out a raid on the field to control and sanction the non compliance with the law. An authorization is therefore required if you want to make a specific request. If it is the employer who disobeys the law, he will be strongly sanctioned in relation to his employees. Cigarette breaks may be accepted for some companies, but sometimes dictated as reduced working hours except in the case of a general break. It is best not to cause inconvenience to productivity and quality of work and therefore do not abuse break times.
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