5 reasons why your e-cigarette heats up

Anyone who buys an e-cigarette may be disappointed by its use and its promised effects. It often happens that the steam does not work properly or that the taste leaves something to be desired. Sometimes it also scratches your throat because the steam is too hot or too cold and it often happens that you switch back to a regular cigarette and put the e-cigarette away again. But the greatest harm happens when the electronic cigarette overheats and the question arises: what can I do when the equipment is in this state? 

The most common cause - the evaporator

If the electronic cigarette gets too hot, you should consider the most common option - checking your hardware. For this, it is recommended that you read the article "How an e-cigarette works" in detail. Several cases may arise. The vaporizer may be exhausted or clogged. The electronic cigarette then automatically becomes too hot. But how is it that the e-cigarette or the kit is blocked? The main reason is the eliquid itself. Very small amounts of the eliquid residue can accumulate in the wick. The result is a slow clogging. But residues may have formed not only in the wick. The cotton and the winding of the atomizer could also be clogged. The flow of liquid is inhibited several times during the use of the equipment. The consequence is that less steam is produced permanently. At first you may not notice this when you vaporize, but at some point you will notice that the vapor has visibly disappeared. Then you have to react. At some point, the ever decreasing amount of steam can no longer really be cooled by the evaporator. However, more and more heat is released into the housing during the same process. Hence the increase in hot steam. And it is exactly this heat that you feel in your hand and the e-cigarette becomes hot. Another unpleasant side effect also occurs: The e-cigarette has to be pulled more and more to let off steam.

How can the problem be prevented?

It is important to regularly replace the head of the vaporizer (cigarette kit). This should be done after about 15-20 milliliters of liquid or after 2-3 weeks. Moreover, if the vaporizer is heated with dry steam, something similar can be observed. The electronic cigarette then no longer tastes good at all.

Important - cleaning electronic cigarettes

Even an e-cigarette needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly - a suitable item for this is "Cleaning the e-cigarette properly". Otherwise it will become clogged with residue. Taste can also be negatively influenced. Dirty "e-cigarette electronics" overheat much faster than clean ones.

Steam in the summer - the outside temperature is the cause

In the summer, it also happens very quickly that the temperature exceeds 30 degrees and it is simply too hot for the liquid and especially for the device. In order for the evaporator to cool down properly, the temperature difference between the liquid and the vapour must be balanced. However, if this level is too low, the evaporator can no longer be cooled. You can now put the e-cigarette aside for a short time, at best in the shade, and let it cool down. If the cause is too high outside temperature, the problem must be solved.

The liquid runs out

For the manufacturing process of an e-cigarette to run smoothly, you must of course have enough liquid. Without e-liquid with a good level of nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, there will be no combustion process, and therefore there will be no liquid or vapor either. It may now be natural for something to be broken on the electronic cigarette, even if it has just been delivered new by the manufacturer. A problem when the device becomes too hot is when the liquid runs out. Of course, this does not necessarily have to be due to a defective device. The liquid often spills over the sides because it is simply too full. Then the tank must be emptied a little. If the vaporizer is flooded, the excess liquid can drain out through the mouthpiece. In the worst case, the entire e-cigarette can be destroyed or broken. That is, when the vaporizer or the battery is destroyed. It is best at this point to fill the reservoir only half full and refill it more often. This will prevent possible leaks and thus overheating of the e-cigarette. We have already published a detailed article on the subject "The e-cigarette leaks" on our blog.

Too little power

And of course, it can also be due to performance. At some point, the evaporator, for example, may simply not want it anymore. Evaporator heads, in particular, are so-called wear parts. For this reason, either new evaporator heads are included in the scope of delivery or they are available for purchase. So-called coils need to be replaced more often. Some units need to be replaced weekly, others only every few months. It is important that you do not wait too long before replacing them, otherwise the electronic cigarette can quickly overheat and become too hot for technical reasons.


Not all e-cigarettes are the same when it comes to steam production. For example, there are variable powers, differently adjustable temperatures or other functions. It is important to have the correct draft technology and installation.
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