5 reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes

In general, it should be mentioned that electric cigarettes are by no means harmless. No doubt, especially if the liquid contains nicotine. Even if an e-cigarette can considerably reduce the health risk, which scientists calculate to be 1-2% more dangerous than a normal cigarette, the desired goal can only be achieved with permanent and complete withdrawal. Nevertheless, electronic cigarettes are the alternative to normal cigarettes, as the following 5 reasons for switching to electronic cigarettes show:

The e-cigarette: a minimal nuisance to health

Because electronic cigarettes have only been in commercial use for less than a decade, there is no empirical evidence of their long-term health effects. What is certain, however, is that more than 90% of former smokers report a significant improvement in their health and overall fitness after switching to e-cigarettes. It is only after a change (or, of course, cessation) that one becomes truly aware of the extent of continued tobacco use. Without wanting to compare the harmfulness of the normal cigarette and the e-cigarette in more detail here, and to go into the details of some of the hundreds of studies published in the meantime, we can state that only the non-existent combustion process makes the e-cigarette healthier and less harmful than a normal cigarette. Definitively, we can say that the physical changes during the transition to the electronic cigarette are in no way inferior to those of a complete stop. Apart from the condition, smell and taste, which improve considerably after a few days, it is above all the immune system itself that makes you feel much better and fresher after a few days of abstinence. Possible changes, such as mood swings, are not related to the e-cigarette, but result from the detoxification symptoms that almost every person who changes cigarettes has to endure and resist.

The costs of e-cigarettes

In 2002, the price of a box was still about three euros per package, but now you have to pay double that amount. The share of tax is more than 70%. Fortunately, smokers do not need to be told how immense the costs of this so-called pleasure are. More expensive than the classic cigarette, this new prototype is an ideal solution for a healthier lifestyle. Containing propylene glycol, aroma, vegetable glycerin, all these substitutes are completely harmless. E-cigarettes fortunately do not share this dilemma. However, it may be necessary to add some: not yet. It is certainly only a matter of time before governments too will benefit from the enormous potential of this ever-growing trend. It is therefore, of course, not surprising that the influential tobacco industry is calling for a tax on e-cigarettes. At this point, the only question is, which tobacco is it? The switch to e-cigarettes can in any case result in a saving of more than 70e, depending on one's own smoking or steam smoking behaviour. This value is by no means utopian, but it is given by many smokers who have switched to e-cigarettes as an indication, even if their smoking behavior was previously very strong. Moreover, the use of an electronic cigarette is a thousand times better than that of tobacco.

The mobility of electronic cigarettes

Switching from the classic model to the e-cigarette is clearly advised. E-cigarettes can be consumed in most public places, both indoors and outdoors, in accordance with current legislation. Rightly so, the argument here is not (yet) based on the strict non-smoker protection law in most federal states, but rather makes the difference between smoking and vaporizing a liquid (containing nicotine). This does not, of course, give you the right to vaporize in a locality, as operators can always use their own house permit. However, an e-cigarette still offers advantages in some places. Let's be honest: what vaper doesn't even sneak to the local toilet to catch a few streaks without a third party noticing! The saying "I'm going to smoke a little", which many non-smokers "dread", is no longer appropriate. By the way: a study published in September 2012 came to the conclusion that breathing in a big city can be more unhealthy than being in the same room as a steamboat. Smell and taste hair, clothes, car - what could be worse than the smell of cold smoke, especially for non-smokers? As an active smoker, this smell may not seem as strong to you, but for non-smokers, and especially former smokers, this smell is all the more noticeable. The great advantage of e-cigarettes is that the water vapor emitted from them has practically no smell, and if it does, it is only very discreet and short-lived. This smell is also not perceived as annoying by many non-smokers. Even when I steam liquid tobacco, I am often asked what popcorn I have in my repertoire, because the smell is obviously very sweet. However, I have never met anyone who has been bothered by this smell. With the term "taste", the electronic cigarette reduces the degradation of the taste straws caused by the cigarette tobacco. Being an indirect inhalation, it brings a gradual improvement for a better taste experience that has not been experienced for a long time after the change. But above all the different tastes that Liquids offer. For let's be honest: what percentage of smokers would say that they really like the taste of tobacco?

Acceptance and spread in society

Finally, it is the social impact of the traditional cigarette that can influence the switch. Smoking has been seen as a declining trend in recent years, especially among young people. The health consequences, the smell and especially the costs to the health care system are probably the main reasons why smoking has now acquired such a bad reputation. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are not so badly seen, even if the press contains mostly negative headlines, based mainly on the highly subjective opinions of cancer researchers and WHO experts. It is also often claimed that there have been few scientific studies on e-cigarettes so far, especially those on health effects. This claim is fundamentally wrong, as several hundred studies have been published to date. The majority of researchers come to a common denominator: E-cigarettes are by no means harmless to health, but they are far less harmful than normal cigarettes. In addition to these 5 most important reasons, there are several other reasons that should not be overlooked, one of which is that cigarettes are the cause of the fire. Worldwide, cigarette-caused fires account for approximately 10% of fire-related deaths. An e-cigarette is much safer in this regard. In the past, there have been several cases where a battery explosion was caused by overheating or other causes and resulted in serious injury, but in each of these cases the cause was a modification of the e-cigarette by the user himself. There have been no reports of an explosion of an e-cigarette when used as intended. Common lithium-ion batteries are used for an e-cigarette, as they are for all other electronic devices.
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