4 side effects caused by a bad e-liquid

There are many advantages and disadvantages to the electronic cigarette becoming a steam ship. On the one hand for cost reasons, but also for health reasons. In addition, there are the steamboats, which only have so much fun enjoying the E-cigarette. Many steamboats do not notice any side effects, and others complain about the side effects caused by steam. Steamboat drivers who have switched from cigarettes to E-cigarette and who have quit smoking cigarettes almost all have the same health problems. It is important to remember that the body has become accustomed to cigarettes and now, once the smoker has quit, he or she must get used to the new situation. On the market, there is a wide range of electronic cigarette choices. Faced with this diversification, no one knows which product is original or fake? The choice of wrong e-liquid can produce side effects on health. What are these adverse effects? 

Wrong choice on the electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette has conquered the hearts of smokers in recent decades. A tobacco control, this steam cigarette sufficiently reduces the risks and danger that can harm the health of smokers. Ideal to switch from the classic cigarette, this marvel contains ultra-favorable elements such as: aromas, which provide a fruity taste and flavor in the mouth; the vapour; liquids containing nicotine extract, propylene glycol; etc. Even if the benefits outweigh those of a classic cigarette, it is possible that one or the other may experience side effects. Many people are afraid when they notice that they cough because of the steam, even if they do not smoke. Still others may be allergic to the ingredient propylene glycol. Side effects can also be caused by quitting smoking and the body recovers, so to speak. Others complain of dizziness, headaches, palpitations and dry mouth. One of the causes can also be the misuse of e-cigarettes. Don't worry, the body gets used to the steam and the withdrawal from cigarettes. Also, the good steamer learns quickly. But the purchase of a bad e-cigarette can also be the cause. You have to find out for yourself which one suits you best.

Allergic reaction to the ingredient propylene glycol

Symptoms are clearly variable depending on the patient's case. The consumption of an electronic cigarette in poor condition can provide adverse health effects. If you find that you have been suffering from dry skin and dry mouth since you started smoking, it could be a reaction to the ingredient mentioned above. Allergies may also be present in cases of skin rashes, itching, nausea, numbness of the tongue, headaches and sinus problems. If you find that you are allergic to this ingredient, you should stop smoking and contact your family doctor.

Burning sensation in the mouth, skin problems

The side effect of choosing the wrong e-liquid often leads to skin problems. You should eventually switch to a liquid with a higher VG content. However, you can also prevent dry skin and dry mouth by drinking a lot (water/tea). Depending on the significantly high nicotine content, the e-cigarette also loses its normal dosage and can create health hazards for smokers. Incorrect handling of the electronic cigarette can cause side effects that you may not notice immediately. You must be vigilant in your choice of products. The substances that some suppliers may sell may be counterfeit. Whether it is the dosage, the flavorings used, the liquid or other.

Dizziness, headache

Again, if the dizziness is caused by the steam, it may be because the nicotine content is too high. In this case, the nicotine content should be reduced. You should also observe whether you are steaming the e-cigarette with pleasure or if you are pulling on it much too quickly. Just as you would pull on the cigarette. In this case, the behaviour of the vapour must be changed. Some steamers also complain of headaches after being vaporized with nicotine. If you suffer from headaches, you should have it clarified whether this is really due to the steam. The advantage of the e-cigarette is that it can determine the nicotine content itself. For every former smoker, there are liquids of different concentrations, so there is something for every need. The steamer can determine the amount of nicotine, so if you suffer from headaches, you should take less nicotine. In any case, don't neglect to drink water and/or tea. Even if you have a headache, the pulling technique should be tested on cigarette electronics. Improper handling of the electronic cigarette can also cause headaches. Many smokers would like to pull on the e-cigarette as they would on a regular cigarette. In our article "The right pulling technique for the electronic cigarette" we explain the correct technique step by step. The nicotine in the cigarette acts immediately, with the e-cigarette with liquid containing nicotine it can take up to about 15 minutes. As the effect only starts later, the concentrated charge comes later and this can lead to headaches, dizziness, palpitations and nausea.


In France, a study has been established by health professionals, whether the use of a bad e-liquid produces relatively dry coughs or not. Once nicotine levels are tested high, product effect is no longer as before. Another side effect may be coughing. Some experts believe that tobacco smoke contains substances that make smokers not cough at all. This is not necessary when there is steam, so this cough can occur. In addition, the lungs clean and regenerate themselves. All deposits and pollutants want to get rid of the lung and that is why we cough. Some people suck the steam directly into their lungs and others inhale it first in their mouth (cheeks) and then into their lungs. They have to find out for themselves which method of steaming is best for them.

Essential to know

First of all, it is advisable to buy a liquid from a reputable dealer. It is also important to pay attention to the quality and purity of the liquid. Here, German liquids are recommended. They are produced, controlled and packaged in Germany. You have to find the right flavor for yourself. This can only be done by trying some liquids with different flavors. Some flavors may tickle your throat and some may not. The nicotine content must be adjusted so as not to cause coughing. You can simply lower the nicotine level and then check if the stimulus is still there. Anyone who used to smoke light cigarettes no longer needs the highest Mg level with the e-cigarette. There are different extra strengths for this. There are different liquids on the market, so it is the same with e-cigarettes.
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