3 mistakes to avoid when buying an e-cigarette

Would the purchase decision be easy if the electronic cigarette was equal to the classic cigarette? But unfortunately, manufacturers do not make it easy. Considerable differences in quality between different products can quickly lead to frustration, especially for beginners, if a wrong purchase is made. In addition to the proper functioning of the equipment, the attitude towards electronic cigarettes also plays an important role, because the differences compared to the smoking behavior of a normal cigarette are immense and require an initially difficult conversion a matter of headache.

Buying the cheapest possible

Smoking is an annoying habit and many former smokers who are trying to switch to the electronic cigarette are looking for an alternative that can, to some extent, make up for this annoying habit. When switching to e-cigarettes, one often encounters e-cigarettes that look a lot like a regular cigarette. At the top of the e-cigarette, there is a red LED that simulates the glow and all the shape and printing is based on the appearance of a cigarette. Unfortunately, these electronic cigarettes, in particular, cannot in many cases give the desired result. This may be due to the fact that they require a high degree of traction to produce as little smoke as possible or they have pre-filled, non-refillable capsules whose liquid simply does not taste good. In addition, it should be almost obvious that a battery built into such a small e-cigarette simply cannot have a large capacity and the cigarette is then smoked far too quickly. That's why you should not just choose the cheapest model to try it. Instead, you should choose an e-cigarette that has been developed for beginners, but which also gives the desired result. Because if you are not convinced by your first experience with the electronic cigarette, you will probably not try it again.

Compare the taste of the e-cigarette to that of tobacco

Many electronic cigarette manufacturers take advantage of newcomers' expectations and promise things that don't quite match reality. For example, some announce that e-cigarettes would taste real and could replace the normal cigarette, which beginners often take at face value and which, in retrospect, end up being disappointing. Although e-cigarettes cover certain habits that smokers cannot easily do without at night, most people who switch to e-cigarettes find it difficult, simply because enjoying tobacco containing nicotine is a completely different feeling than vaping an e-cigarette. You have to be aware of this fact. It is therefore important to stay on the ball and take up this challenge. The head plays a very important role. It may also take patience before you are truly satisfied as a transferee. Whether it is simply because of a tasteless liquid, which you ordered as the only one in your starter kit. Many smokers therefore find it useful to move on to a transition period, with cigarettes and e-cigarettes being taken alternately. An avid cigarette smoker will feel the benefits, especially because of the smell and taste that is repeated in pieces. What you do with it then, is naturally left to each beginner changer.

E-Liquids containing Nikon

E-Liquids containing Nikon can be divided into several steps. In addition to nikon-free liquids at 0 mg/ml, the following products are generally available. As a heavy smoker with more than 20 cigarettes smoked per day, you should start with a strong liquid with an average of 18 mg/ml. The nicotine content can be lowered gradually and successively, which is the case with many e-cigs. This method certainly makes more sense than the other way round, if the nicotine content is too low and you return to smoking out of sheer disappointment and not meeting expectations. As an occasional smoker, a liquid with a medium nicotine content (11-14 mg/ml) is recommended, which corresponds to about 70 nicotine levels in a normal cigarette. A low nicotine content of 6-8 mg/ml is less recommended for former smokers, as existing nicotine addiction simply cannot be stopped. However, if you want to kick the habit and you have a very strong willpower, but don't want to give up this hard habit completely for the moment, you can always try this nicotine level.

Reduce nicotine content

If you've known about steam for some time and have set a goal to reduce nicotine levels to the lowest possible level in the medium term, you should take it step by step. It's important to stop cravings. In this way, the addiction can be tackled step by step.

In the end, the flash decides

The flash describes how it feels as a smoker and as a steam smoker to inhale a substance containing nicotine. Although the magnitude of the flash depends primarily on the strength of the liquid, it is also caused by other factors. The evaporator and the battery therefore also play a role. With the help of an adjustable battery, the voltage can be determined, which makes it possible to regulate the power. The higher the voltage, the more power is supplied. Thus, a liquid with a low nicotine content can also provide a good flash with a high voltage.
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