How to travel with your e-cigarette?

The vacation season is approaching and many are already busy planning their vacation to a faraway and dream destination. In order not to give up your e-cigarette during the vacations or, in the worst case, return to smoking, it is important to find out about the legal regulations in the different countries before booking.

What should I remember about e-cigarettes on vacation?

The e-cigarette is not legal everywhere in the world. There are even a few countries where it is totally forbidden. A recent news item informs us that a young French tourist, while traveling in Thailand, was caught by the police while steaming in public. Vaporization is strictly forbidden in Thailand. With a bit of luck, you can get away with the immediate payment of a fine and the confiscation of the e-cigarette. The young woman who refused to pay a bribe had to spend 4 days and 3 nights in a Thai prison cell, crammed with 60 other women. After a court conviction and the payment of a heavy fine, she was finally taken to Bangkok, the capital, to be deported to France and was only able to return home a few weeks later. However, Thailand is not the only country in which the practice is restricted by law or even totally prohibited. In order to avoid incidents such as those described above, it is recommended that you inform yourself in detail about local legal regulations before traveling.

A few examples of countries where steaming is prohibited are

- Argentina: It is forbidden to import e-cigarettes into the country. - Australia: There is a ban on the importation of liquids containing nicotine. Nicotine-free liquid is legal. - Hong Kong: E-cigarettes are treated like tobacco cigarettes and can be imported into prohibited areas (e.g. parks and beaches). - India: In some states, the importation of e-cigarettes is prohibited. - Israel: Importation is generally allowed - Cambodia: Importing and using e-cigarettes is illegal - Qatar: The import of e-cigarettes is prohibited - Malaysia : Liquids that contain nicotine are illegal. - Saudi Arabia: Vapour is not prohibited, but import is not allowed. - Singapore: It is not allowed to buy, own or use e-cigarettes. - Taiwan: E-cigarettes are illegal and cannot be imported or used - Thailand: It is illegal to import or use e-cigarettes

To be attentive with regard to the use of e-cigarettes

If you want to be safe, you should get additional information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. No one wants to get into trouble with the local authorities during the trip. In the worst case, immediately upon arrival, you may have to pay fines or be imprisoned for a period of time. Even if you are allowed to take your e-cigarette with you on vacation, you must be absolutely careful about the following: - Take enough liquid and a spare vaporizer with you. - It is preferable to take a second e-cigarette in reserve. - The battery, the battery holder or the e-cigarette itself must always be carried in your hand luggage when you travel by plane. - The liquid must be placed in the suitcase that is handed in at the check-in counter (exception: a small bottle of liquid to be filled - the maximum total quantity of 100 ml applies here). - "Smoking" of e-cigarettes is generally prohibited on airplanes and can have costly consequences. Stay well informed and prepared, so that nothing gets in the way of your dream trip.
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