E-cigarette: Top 10 vaping tips

With the list below you will find useful and important tips about steam.

Good for your battery

Batteries are the basis of every e-cigarette and provide it with the necessary power supply. In order to optimize the lifetime, it is recommended to always fully charge the batteries. Never store the batteries in direct sunlight and do not store them as they may overheat. Batteries can leave a layer of oxidation after a number of uses. This is easily remedied by cleaning them regularly with a dry cloth. Never use water or a damp cloth. Regular cleaning will keep your battery in good contact with the necessary parts. When batteries begin to perform significantly worse, it is recommended that you replace them. For 18,650 external batteries, make sure the coating layer is still intact. When the coating is damaged, it is strongly recommended that you discontinue use and purchase a new one. If you use an external battery, make sure it is suitable for the capacity of your e-cigarette.

Fill your clearomizer exclusively with e-liquid

E-liquidis specially developed and adjusted for the use of an e-cigarette. Some people may want to experiment and use other liquid substances or add e-liquidis to them, but never do. It is impossible to determine what happens after heating with other liquids and what are the potentially dangerous consequences.

Hydrated stick

Steam has a moisture-wicking effect and can cause dryness in the mouth. The dehydrating effect is due to the PG (propylene glycol) component. This can't do much harm in itself, but make sure you drink enough water every day. In any case, it is wise to drink enough water every day. For people who find it annoying, there is also the possibility to use PG's free e-liquids.

Transport your e-cigarette safely

Your e-cigarette is vulnerable to falls or shocks and may even be irreparably damaged. It is therefore preferable not to carry your e-cigarette loose in the pocket of your jacket or pants, but rather in a travel pouch or glasses case. Keep your e-cigarette and e-liquids out of reach of children and pets. Perhaps unnecessarily, but e-cigarettes and e-liquids are obviously meant to be smokes, so make sure you store them out of the reach of children and pets.

Leave your e-liquid with a new coil or clearomizer

When you use your e-cigarette for the first time or insert a new coil or clearomizer and have it filled with e-liquid, let it retract for at least 10 minutes. If you do not do so, when you activate the battery, the heat cannot yet be properly converted into steam, because the coil is not yet sufficiently soaked with e-liquid, causing it to break.

Learn how to vaporize

Other than when you smoke cigarettes, you shouldn't want to hoist too fast when you smoke. After activating the battery, you should allow a few seconds for the coil to turn the liquid into vapor. So after activating the battery, inhale slowly and release the button. After a number of exercises, you will discover how it works so that you can fully enjoy your e-cigarette. E-cigarettes with low resistance convert liquid into steam faster, because the coil is heated faster. These are the so-called "sub-ohm" electronic cigarettes. They are ideal for direct inhalation. This contrasts with the high-resistance e-cigarettes. With these e-cigarettes, you first catch the steam in your mouth and then inhale it from mouth to lungs. If you wish to purchase an e-cigarette, please consider which method of inhalation you prefer.

Build up the nicotine content if you want to

When you start with vapors that have a certain nicotine content, it is possible to reduce the nicotine content very slowly. If you do this slowly, your body will get used to it and you will barely notice it. Since it is possible to mix e-liquids, you can make up any nicotine content between 0 and 19 mg. For example, if you fill half of your clearomizer with a 12 mg and 6 mg e-liquid, you will get a nicotine content of 9 mg.

Compose your own taste

One of the best tips about steam is that it is possible to compose your own e-liquid taste. Since e-liquids can be mixed together, you can develop your own favorite flavors. For example, by adding a hint of strawberry e-liquid to a tobacco e-liquid or an apple pie with a hint of lime or menthol. It is also possible to create your own e-liquid. To do this, you use a neutral base e-liquid to which you can add one or more flavours in the right ratio.
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