E-cigarette: 10 tips for beginners

To stop smoking, you have already chosen to switch to the electronic cigarette? As personal vaporizer specialists, we can only congratulate you: many doctors and researchers agree that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco and that it is now one of the best ways to free yourself from it. But for smoking cessation to be successful, you need to follow some basic advice and dispel some fears. Here are the tips for beginners of the electronic cigarette.

If you are new to electronic cigarettes, these tips are useful

If you want to switch from the tobacco cigarette to the electric version, you are suddenly faced with many unknowns. It is not easy for the beginner to find his way through the steam jungle. With the wrong models, liquids or treatments, the pleasure of the e-cigarette can quickly be spoiled. With these tips, you should be able to get started or change.

Tip 1: Compatibility is the magic word

If you want to buy an e-cigarette, you must first choose a common model in the overall offer that is compatible with the other elements. This method has proven itself, it is generally inexpensive and saves you from buying junk. It is also easy to replace individual components and it is advantageous to choose a second identical set as basic equipment. Exotic models should only be purchased by advanced users who are confident that they can make the change.

Tip 2: Start small

The stopper of the tobacco cigarette is also available in an electric version. Here you can roll, tinker, mix and replace the cap yourself, but this is not for beginners. Beginners and people who switch to the electric version should opt for the automatic version, because often the changeover is so strong that the beginner does not have to bother with extra details.

Tip 3: Liquids from domestic production

In the classic home, it is the tobacco, in the e-cigarette, it is the liquid. This liquid is the most important component. Liquids are made in China, America and Europe, beginners should look for local manufacturers because they are more meticulous and more quality-conscious regarding hygiene standards and identification of ingredients. Also, it is advisable not to buy too large quantities at the beginning, because the liquid does not taste good quickly.

Tip 4: More steam than less

How much nicotine is the correct dose? Each liquid containing nicotine is available in different concentrations. There are five different ones for you to choose from. The motto is: a lot helps a lot. Even people who smoke very little or lightly should take a higher dose of nicotine at first. Because the switch to the e-cigarette alone is already enormous, if an insufficient supply of nicotine then occurs, the beginner can quickly find this unsatisfactory. A reduction is only offered later, but beware: the frequency of smoking should not be exaggerated. The electronic cigarette delivers nicotine more slowly. Dizziness, nausea or headaches are signs of exaggeration.

Tip 5: Practice makes perfect

Smoking with the electronic cigarette should also be practiced, as the difference between the tobacco cigarette and the electronic version should not be underestimated. The e-cigarette is usually pulled more gently and for longer periods of time, which beginners should get used to. The absence of a burnt taste is also a matter of habit. Newcomers and people who change countries should be patient and not throw in the towel right away. In case of starting problems, experienced vaporizers will be happy to help you in many Internet forums.

Tip 6: The battery determines performance

An innovation for the beginner is the battery. The e-cigarette does not work without electricity. There are different models here, which also have different strengths. It is important to try, but one thing is inevitable: if the battery is empty, the e-cigarette is finished. Therefore, especially beginners should always carry a spare battery with them. Portable charging boxes are also recommended, until you can better estimate the current performance by practice.

Tip #7: Comply with replacement and warranty rules

You can never have enough of both. Especially in the case of the rechargeable battery, there should always be a replacement in stock, because you can't buy them on Sunday afternoon at the gas station. In addition, deposits and liquids should always be kept in stock. The cigarette itself as well as its spare parts can be purchased in stores as well as online. Especially in the latter case, the beginner should also keep an eye on shipping costs, speed of delivery, warranty period and service offers.

Tip 8: Store and clean properly

Like milk in the refrigerator, the liquids in e-cigarettes can also spoil, the bottles have an expiry date. If the liquid is cloudy, it may no longer be suitable. It is best to store these liquids in the dark and at room temperature. Direct sunlight should be avoided at all times. Like storage, cleaning is also important for a long shelf life of the electronic cigarette. In many forums, the most dubious advice is circulated with cola, vodka and others, but the best cleaning performance is obtained with simple water.

Tip 9: Observe the legal situation

The question that many people ask is: where is the e-cigarette allowed and where is it not? While the legal situation is clear for smoking, many regulations are not clarified for the e-cigarette. Is it allowed to vaporize in a restaurant? Can an e-cigarette be used on a train?  Beginners should not simply assume that it is legal, as the regulations often fluctuate between yes and no. Therefore, a vaporizer must also be careful and considerate and better ask in advance.

Tip 10: The one-way variant as an alternative

Those who are still unsure after all this advice should play it safe. The disposable e-cigarette is not expensive to buy, is not only available in specialized stores and can be easily disposed of after use. It is ideal for trying to vaporize, if you then want to go further, you can find the model and taste that suits you.

Conclusion: Education is important

There are a lot of things that can quickly spoil the steaming experience. Whoever doesn't have fun once, will quickly take up smoking again. It is therefore important to read a little, only those who are really interested in the electronic cigarette can find the optimal model, the right strength and good taste. And only then will the vaporizer be happy to have less ash in the car, more money in the wallet and less health risks.
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