CBD oil dosage and general CBD consumption

The raw material of hemp can be taken in different ways. One of the most common and effective ingestion variants would be to pass the dose of CBD oil through the oral mucosa and the gastrointestinal tract. Drop the cannabis oil under the tongue and allow it to act for at least 1-2 minutes. Only after the waiting time is it swallowed. In this way, CBD oil or THC can have a double effect. Firstly, the effect of oral CBD oil dosage should occur relatively quickly. Later, absorption through the gastrointestinal tract is also necessary. Depending on the severity of the problem, an individual dose of THC or CBD oil may be administered. Some people speak of 50-100mg.

The current dose of CBD oil

Before starting with the full dose of CBD oil, it is recommended that the oil be absorbed slowly. It is best to start with 1-2 drops and then increase the dose of CBD oil from day to day until the optimal intake is found. The dosage of cannabinoids may vary. Different factors, such as body weight, cannabinoid tolerance, ... may play a role. The user should inform himself about the correct dosage of CBD oil. This means that a low dosage may be sufficient or that a higher dosage of CBD oil is required. For example, a person can take 15 to 30 drops several times a day. He uses full spectrum 3% CBD oil 3 times a day for 6 to 10 drops each time or 5 to 10 drops several times a day. The dosage in mg is higher. This means for example: 10 drops at 5% have the same effect as 5 drops at 10%.

The dosage of CBD by vaporization of cannabis flowers

As a cannabis patient, this is the most frequently practiced CBD intake. Spray the flowers with a medical vaporizer. The vaporizer only heats up until no harmful and carcinogenic substances are produced. For example: steam the flowers at 198° on the first pass and 204° on the second pass. Theoretically, THC and CBD flowers can also be steamed at a lower temperature. Info for CBD consumers: The boiling point of CBD is 160-180° C and that of CBDa is 120° C. Info for cannabis patients: The boiling point of THC is 157° C.

CBD oil dosage with vaporizer

The dosage of CBD oil cannot only be done orally with a pipette. It also works with a medical vaporizer. All you need is an additional attachment, which you can normally order directly from the manufacturer. However, it is not important to use a conventional dosage of CBD oil, but to take a pure CBD extract without carrier oil. Otherwise, toxic substances are produced when heated and inhaled.

THC and CBD by ingestion of cannabis while smoking

One of the most common ways to consume cannabis or hemp is by dosing CBD through a cannabis joint. The reasons for smoking are simple, but that doesn't mean that this form of THC and CBD absorption is the best. It is the opposite.

Disadvantages of dosing CBD by smoking or dosing CBD oil on the skin

Studies have been going on for some time to see how well cannabidiol helps with skin problems such as acne. The result has been that the active ingredient has had anti-inflammatory and sebum-reducing effects. And this without causing side effects. A possible variant of CBD absorption would be a dosage of CBD oil on the skin.

Rectal absorption of THC and CBD

Rectal absorption of THC and CBD is rarely practiced, but for some patients relevant absorption of CBD is practiced. The suppository should be inserted rectally immediately after removal from the refrigerator. For one simple reason. The melting process of the suppository occurs rapidly. Most CBD suppositories are composed of cannabis extract and coconut oil. This is the problem according to science. In 1991, a study was published which concluded that the use of rectal suppositories does not develop bioavailability. In combination with oily carriers, cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are not sufficiently absorbed in the rectum. The result is in direct contrast to reports from other suppository users. In these cases, an effect occurs. It is obvious that further studies and investigations are necessary when taking THC and CBD in the rectum. However, the current state of scientific knowledge indicates that THC and CBD in oil-based suppositories are much less absorbed in the rectum.

Intake of CBD via hemp tea

Drinking hemp tea would be another beneficial option for a relaxed dosage of CBD. Simmer the leaves and flowers of the hemp tea in water for 10-15 minutes. This will dissolve the different cannabinoids so that they are absorbed more efficiently. The pleasant and calming effects should be noticeable some time after taking CBD. For an effective intake and dosage of CBD, it is essential to add a few drops of oil or other fats to the water. Cannabinoids can be dissolved with fat and alcohol. A significantly stronger relaxing effect occurs.

One dose of CBD oil with capsules

Another variant of THC and CBD absorption that is particularly simple and uncomplicated would be the oral dose of CBD oil with capsules. Some CBD users cannot tolerate the bitter taste of CBD oil. This problem can be avoided by taking CBD oil by encapsulation. The advantage is the neutral taste of the capsules. A disadvantage that should not go unmentioned is that the capsules only start working after a certain delay. An oral dosage of CBD oil with an oil should therefore be preferred if possible.
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